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I’m so excited to share with you about how Norwex can help your home and family! Norwex has everything from cleaning products to personal care to pet care to car care. There is really something for everyone! And it works!

Norwex is dedicated to improving your quality of life by radically reducing chemicals in your homes. In fact, their dedicated website exists to help people everywhere create safer havens in their homes by raising awareness about harmful effects of chemicals that affect us all.

Did you know that about 80,000 new chemicals have been introduced into the environment in the last 50 years? And that only about 200 of them have ever been assessed for their impact on human health? There are many chemicals in household cleaning products as well as personal care products, and we have no idea how many of the will affect our health, or the health of our children.

Also its been estimated that about one in four human diseases have been linked, in part, to environmental factors.

With Norwex products, you can clean up to 90% of your home with JUST water in at least half of the time– all while saving you money and reducing chemicals that are potentially toxic.



Norwex is known for its’ amazing microfiber. There are three things that make Norwex microfiber unique in quality and performance.

  1. To be considered microfiber, each strand must be at least 1/6 the size of an average human hair, but each strand of Norwex microfiber is guaranteed to be at least 1/200 the size of a human hair. This fineness allows for a tighter weave and more surface area within each cloth.
  2. The density of the cloth is the reason it can remove everything from surfaces using only water. In fact, Norwex microfiber has the ability to remove up to 99% of bacteria from a surface when following the proper care and use instructions. Each Envirocloth is made with fiber that has a maximum length of more than 10 million feet. If you were to unravel onecloth, it would stretch from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico!!!!!
  3. Norwex trademark Baclock antibacterial agent is the unique micro silver within the cloth. Baclock goes to work in the wet cloth using its self-purification properties against mold, fungi and bacterial oder, so that you don’t need to launder the cloth every time you use it!

Just one example of Norwex’s many amazing products is the EnviroCloth. The EnviroCloth is the “heavy duty all purpose cleaner” cloth that will replace many of the cleaning products in your home creating a safer haven for you and your family. (Buy here)

You will be amazed at what this cloth can clean with just water!! It takes stains out of clothing, furniture and carpets. In fact, you’ll use it to clean virtually every surface. And all Norwex microfiber comes with a 2 year warranty!

There are so many more amazing products I can’t list them all here.  You can look at all of Norwex’s products here at

I LOVE this company and I love their products… And the reason I decided to become a consultant is because I LOVE sharing these products with people, and helping YOU make your home into a Safe Haven!  I was so excited that Norwex has literally changed our lives, and I know it will change yours too! To make it even better- Norwex is incredibly generous to their consultants. Ask me any question you have about the ‘business’, and you may WIN a FREE Prize.

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