Goat Milk Lotions

This 100% all-natural goat milk lotion is formulated to deliver and lock in intense moisture and hydration, even hours after application. A go-to for dull, dehydrated, tired skin, this non-greasy lotion is formulated to absorb quickly and lock in moisture for skin that’s soft and moisturized all day long.

Formulated for sensitive skin: Hypoallergenic and gluten free!

Goat Milk Lotion: The Ultimate in Vibrance

The benefits of goat’s milk are becoming more and more well known, so it’s natural that folks would want a lotion made from goat’s milk. It’s said that Cleopatra herself once soaked her skin in luxurious goat milk baths in order to maintain her skin’s vibrant and youthful appearance and we’ve formulated this unique goat milk lotion for that very reason! It’s thick and creamy, goes on smooth, absorbs quickly, is non-oily, and moisturizes your skin like you wouldn’t believe.

Each natural lotion is lightly scented with skin safe, paraben-free, phthalates-free scents that aren’t overpowering. Because these lotions are 100% natural and contain natural preservatives, their shelf life is not indefinite. To help the lotions last longer, avoid direct sunlight or extreme heat. Best used within 6-8 months of opening.

Why All-Natural Goat Milk Lotion?
My goat milk lotions are packed full of luxurious benefits for your skin! You’ll love how soft your skin feels when you choose all-natural goat milk lotion to hydrate and protect your skin.

Hypoallergenic: Is your skin sensitive, dry from the climate you live in, cracked, or easily irritated by commercially made lotions? No problem! Our goat milk lotion is formulated to be hypoallergenic, gluten free, and gentle to use on all skin types, even sensitive skin. After one use, your skin will feel soft, smooth, hydrated, and healthy without any artificial, irritating, or chemical ingredients.

Nourishment Your Skin Craves: Your skin is an amazing organ, and it soaks in what you put on it. That’s why it’s important to feed your skin with the vitamins it needs to be healthy! My goat milk lotions are packed full of vitamins A, D, B1, B6, B12, C, and E.

Defends Against Dry, Itchy Skin: If your skin dry, itchy, red, or irritated, this is the lotion for you! Our goat milk lotion works from the inside out, providing your skin with long lasting moisturization and protection against the elements. Goat’s milk naturally moisturizes your skin and offer an extra layer of protection to fight dry, itchy skin and keep it looking it’s best.

A Multi-Use Product: Our goat milk lotion is gentle enough to be used on your entire body — face included! Apply a small amount of product to hands and thoroughly massage into the skin until fully absorbed.

My lotion comes in 4 oz. or 2 oz. I always carry my “Naked” (unscented) but my other scents vary from season to season. If there is a scent or essential oil(s) that you would like, message me and I can custom blend.

~ Naked – unscented

~ Cherry Blossom – sweet cherries and almond scents (ONLY 4 OZ. LEFT)

~ Wisteria Whisper – light floral scents of wisteria and lilac (ONLY 4 OZ. LEFT)

~ Island Time – floral hibiscus and island breezes

~ Hippie Chick – Patchouli, Sweet Orange and Lavender essential oils

~ Beach Bum – like sipping on a pina colada in the ocean breezes

~ Lavender Fields – soft soothing lavender relaxes and calms

4 oz Goat's Milk Lotion