How to join the doTERRA family

I’m so happy to see you want to become part of the DOTERRA family!

The very best way to get started is first of all, to make sure you are getting top of the line essential oils.  The best way to do that is with a doTERRA wholesale account. Why? Because all essential oils are not created equal and doTERRA is a company committed to the best sourcing and provides essential oils free of chemicals, weeds, fillers, pesticides and any other harmful substances. doTERRA’s standards are actually stricter than traditional organic testing!

Wholesale Account

A wholesale  account allows you access to doTERRA essential oils and their other amazing products at a 25%-55% discount. And there are no monthly purchase requirements.  You simply pay a one time $35 fee and then you just purchase what you want, when you want.

  • No minimums, quotas, or obligations, pinkie swear.
  • Tons of education around the products and online trainings from yours truly.
  • The opportunity to take advantage of the Loyalty Rewards Program, which , as mentioned above, will bring your 25% off discount up to 55% off!

Signing Up For A Wholesale Account Is Easy!

Follow these simple steps…

  1. I will send you a login to my sign up process and you will invest in a $35 One Time Fee by purchasing the Introductory Essential Oil Packet upon check out OR, choose an Enrollment Kit and your $35 fee is waived.
  2. Once you click on my SIGN UP PROCESS, click JOIN AND SAVE and you will then be able to pick your county (yes, we are shipping all over the world!)
  3. Once you’ve selected your country, select “Wholesale Prices” so you get the very best deal. You can choose Wholesale Customer if you’re goal is to purchase for yourself, or Wholesale Wellness Advocate if you’d like to partner with me in my business.
  4. The “Enroller ID” and “Sponsor ID” boxes should already be filled in for you if you’ve logged in correctly to my virtual office but if not, enter 4070584 in both boxes so I can be sure to help support you.
  5. Fill out your details including name, address, billing address, shipping address and remaining contact info.

(You will ONLY be asked to enter your Tax ID number or SSN# if you are signing up as a Wellness Advocate for tax purposes but it is NOT obligatory if you are opening a customer account. As I mentioned, this is for tax purposes only. By opening a Wholesale Account, you have the opportunity to sell the products if you’d like. If you embrace this opportunity, and you make over $600/year in commissions, a Tax ID or SSN# is required by law as you will receive a 1099 form in the mail. doTERRA will not share this info with anyone! If you are only opening up a wholesale account for your own personal use, you don’t need to provide this info….until you do share down the road as it is tough not to.)

  1. Next, you will select your time zone and your own virtual office password so you can login to your now, newly opened account and indulge yourself anytime you want!
  2. Agree to the basic Terms and Conditions and your Virtual Office User Agreement.
  3. Select your initial order, meaning, your $35 Introductory Essential Oil Packet plus the first products you’d like to choose a la carte by typing in the names of the oils or products. OR – you will pick an ENROLLMENT KIT.
  4. Personally, I think getting an ENROLLMENT KIT is the best deal. My favorite starter kit for absolute beginners is the Natual Solutins Kit because you get a FREE diffuser, $100 in free product credit and at least another $150 in free product (although you can surely go bigger or smaller). The bigger you go, the more freebies you get. ;-).

My favorite starter kit for someone who wants to start an Essential Oil Business is either the Every Oil Kit or the Diamond Kit. BUT, if you prefer a different one, that’s totally fine too. You can also put together your own kit and I can help you tailor to your needs and have my personal faves as well.

  1. Set up your OPTIONAL Loyalty Rewards. You’ll definitely want to look at this if you love the product and are interested in starting an essential oil lifestyle and are looking to swap out all of your hair care, skin care, cleaning care and even supplements and internal cleansing routine with essential oil products because its going to save you a TON of money. You literally get back free product and product credit every month. Don’t worry, I’ll teach you about this later. Seriously, don’t miss out.

And that’s it. Super easy. Step By Step. You’ve opened your account and your journey into your new holistic life with essential oils. And you’ll receive a welcome email from me and access to all of my training forums within 24 hours!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any required minimums?
Nope– you can order as often as you’d like and cancel if you don’t want an order going out.

Any hidden fees?
Nope! There is no catch, I promise! There are no hidden fees, obligations, minimums, or strings-attached. Just awesome, high quality product and the best support and education.

Does a wholesale account mean I have to sell?
Absolutely not. Opening up a wholesale account simply means you get the same deal I have – the best pricing.

What if I don’t want a kit?
No problem. The kits are optional. You can open a wholesale account with the $35 Essential Oil Introductory Enrollment Packet and pick items a la carte. But the kits waive the $35 fee and are really the best deal (with extra stuff thrown in).

What’s the Loyalty Rewards Program?
The Loyalty Rewards Program is the smartest way to purchase your oils and it’s how I get mine. Why? Because I get free stuff and so will you! The program is a flexible, optional monthly program that rewards you for placing regular orders. Basically, you get free stuff for being a loyal customer. I receive almost $100 in free products every month simply for opting into this program!

Business Opportunityexperience-doterra-today

Are you ready for Financial Freedom? Are you looking to work from home, helping others make a positive difference in their lives and make a fantastic income for you and your family? If you have a passion for oils and want to share the same with your friends, family  and community,  and you have been thinking of starting your own business, let me help you start an exciting and rewarding  doTERRA business.   You will receive the best education & training, top-notch support, and access to team resources.

Maybe…you feel trapped in your job 9-5 job, you’re not pursuing the career you dream of. Or, you feel like you’re not spending as much time with your family as you would like. You may be living pay check to pay check and you feel trapped. Perhaps you’re looking for additional sources of income to supplement your existing job.

I began my doTERRA journey when I made the decision to ” clean up” or “detox” myself and my family from the toxins and chemicals that were surrounding us in the food we were eating, the bath, beauty & hygiene products we were using daily, and the cleaning products that were supposed to be helping us stay healthy.  I began searching out natural, organic and holistic alternatives to replace these “chemical demons” and that lead me to essential oils – more specifically – doTERRA.  After using doTERRA essential oils for several months and noticing the truly amazing difference in my whole family was feeling – I was sold! My son’s allergies had dramatically improved, his ADHD symptoms had all but disappeared, my skin cleared up and began “glowing” again and my husband was able to control, and eventually eliminate, his GERD.  These oils were such a blessing that an overwhelming desire came over me that I just had share this knowledge with others and help them to become the best version of themselves they could be.  It’s just a bonus that I am able to share my passion for essential oils and earn extra income!! So can you!!

Visit my doTERRA website to learn more about doTERRA and how to start your own doTERRA business: