After a series of health scares and set backs, I made a promise to my family to become the healthiest and happiest me I could be.   I began the journey of detoxing not only myself, but my home – from the food my family ate, to the products my family used for personal hygiene, to the cleaning products used in my home on a daily basis.  I began reading food labels, buying locally sourced organic foods, switched out plastic for glass containers, and started making my own cleaning products.

After an extensive and interesting conversation with a close friend about essential oils and their benefits,   I decided to look more into these “essential oils” and see how I could begin to utilize them to enhance and support my wellness journey.

I dedicated myself to learning all about essential oils and their amazing benefits and  how they could be used in creating a healthier, toxic-free, chemical-free environment for my myself and my family.  I began scouring the internet for information, subscribed to numerous holistic health and wellness newsletters, and began taking courses with The School for Aromatic Studies.  Next, I searched out the purest therapeutic grade essential oils and organic materials to begin crafting homemade bath, beauty and household products to replace the toxic, chemical-laden items in my home.

After several months of experiencing first hand the benefits of using essential oils in my handcrafted, homemade products, I knew I needed to let everyone know that there were healthier alternatives to store bought products.  I wanted to educate my neighbors, friends & community about the amazing benefits of essential oils and how essential oils could benefit them in their personal journey of wellness and health.

Taking care yourself, emotionally and physical, is the most important thing you can do to say well, balanced and healthy.






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