Last day of doTERRA BOGO! 

LAST DAY OF BOGO!!!  Way to to out with a BANG!  If you don’t have these then you need to get them.  Why?!?!
Peace Blend is great for claiming emotions but guess what it is also amazing at?  Calming kids that struggle with transitions!  Also amazing for anyone looking to maintain their blood pressure.  Why?  Look at the oils in this blend.  They are amazing for this!!  This is also a great blend used by folks with anyone on the spectrum.  Lots of people wear this as a perfume because the aroma is fantastic.  
Cheer Blend  is great on bringing out positive emit one and happy feelings.  Great to use for anyone with feelings of sadness or anxiousness.  It is full of citrus oils so you know it is going to be awesome!!  
Both these roller blends come in amber glass bottles with a METAL rollerball.  Hey go on so smooth.  It is like it floats over your skin for even application.

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