Essential Oils for Emotional Well-Being

Although essential oils and aromatherapy should not be considered a miracle cure for serious emotional issues, the use of essential oils assist, sometimes greatly, with particular emotional issues and emotional states. Additionally, the proper use of essential oils may enhance your emotional outlook and provide support and help balance your emotions during the day. The use of essential oils for emotional well-being is what is often first thought of when someone thinks of the term “aromatherapy.”

Essential oils are comprised of naturally occurring chemicals that work in synergy with one another. Because essential oils evaporate quickly (known as being “volatile”), their molecules are easily inhaled. Without providing an intimidating lesson in olfaction (the science of the sense of smell), the inhalation of these naturally occurring synergistic chemicals provide triggers to our brain. These triggers affect our emotions. Inhalation of these wondrous molecules also provides physical benefit which may also work together to aid in our emotional state. img_0324

Our emotions are deeply embedded in our cells. We literally get addicted to our emotions and the negative patterns we create. The same thing could happen to me and to you but we would react differently because of our emotional DNA differences. I might internalize stress in my stomach, whereas you might internalize it in your back.

So what does this mean? It means that our DIS-EASE actually causes DISEASE. How we process our emotions and embed them in our bodies will show up as pain – literally physical pain and disease in our bodies. So what you think is a stuffy nose, could actually be an emotional response.

The good news is that we don’t have to accept our negative emotions as a constant. We can change. And essential oils help this process.

Essential oils have secondary metabolites that can impact and support change to our DNA. Ever wonder why a plant can be a natural deer repellent or insect repellent? How does the plant tell the deer to stay away? Plants are very powerful in how they have evolved to protect themselves. They can provide this same protection in our bodies via thousands of compounds. Essential Oil molecules support each of our many body systems and provide countless benefits including the removal of toxins, oxygenating cells, and the opening of emotionally stored memory in the DNA. Essential oils directly stimulate the limbic system of our brain – this is the “EMOTIONAL BRAIN”.

When we touch or see something, our brain processes what we are touching and seeing before we REACT. When we smell something, it is quite the opposite– we REACT first and then we process what happened. Just walk into a room with Lavender diffusing and you’ll know what I mean. You will FEEL relaxed before you realize what you are smelling is Lavender. When you smell cookies baking, you FEEL hungry and comforted before you realize you just ate and probably should not indulge.

Smelling various essential oils and applying to various points on the body can help us to boost our mood in ways that move us to the positive and help us to transform and change our negative emotional patterns.img_0325

A great example of how an essential oils can help with emotions is Orange Oil. The smell of orange helps provide emotional balance and bring on a positive outlook. Sweet orange oil is a wonderful oil to use alone or in a blend for those winter blues that often occur in the colder, grayer times of the year. The aroma of sweet orange oil also blends nicely with many oils and has the added advantage of being one of the more inexpensive essential oils. It is also generally regarded to be one of the safer essential oils to use

Now that you understand the premise of how essential oils can help with negative emotions let’s give you some examples of 10 essential oils for negative emotions.

10 Essential Oils for Occasional Negative Emotions

1. Occasional Anger

Being angry is truly a tense place to be. Occasional anger is stored in our liver. It is a deep emotion and is usually directed at someone else. The other side of anger is laughter. Apply the essential oil blend Purification to the liver point and say the words “My direction is clear”. It puts the onus on YOU vs. the other person. You can let go of the anger when the focus is put back on you and what you want to do! You can even do this with children during a tantrum.

2. Fear of Abandonment

This is great for small children. Not just children who have been through a trauma per se…their perception is reality even if nothing traumatic from your perspective has occurred. Maybe they view you going out for dinner for a date night is abandonment! The essential oil for this is Lavender. Apply to the belly across the navel area while saying “I embrace all of life’s experiences”. This puts the focus on feeling at-one-ment or being at peace with yourself.

3. Occasional Anxiety

At the root of occasional (not clinical) anxiety is lack of confidence and not sure how to approach a situation. Apply the essential oil blend Joy to the chest (across the the diaphragm area) and say “Peace…Be Still”. This allows you to be balancing, calm and centered….and most of all confident and happy.

4. Entitlement

Feel as if you deserve more than you are getting? That the world is your oyster…except it isn’t and this is totally unfair? To help you with having realistic feelings of what you deserve for what you have accomplished, apply Lemon to the thyroid area on your throat (be careful in the summer with exposure to sun as Lemon can make you more photosensitive) while saying “I can do it”. This allows you to be realistic of what you can achieve when you put in the work!

5. “F-YOU”

Feel like saying that all the time?! If you are prone to wanting to flip everyone off and have a hard time with this then apply Frankincense to the diaphragm while saying “I stand in my power”. This will create a more positive feeling of detachment. ‘Frank you’ for this one!

6. Failure

Feel like you can’t achieve? Worried about failing all the time? Apply the essential oil Peppermint to the thymus area at your collarbone to help you see your life unfold in a positive way while saying “I accept growth”.

7. Occasional Grief

Occasional grief is an unavoidable emotion for anyone – we will all grieve one day – but sitting in grief for an extended period of time is not good for the body or soul. The opposite of Grief is Happiness. Apply Joy over the bridge of your nose and repeat, “Change brings growth.”

8. Not Getting Enough

Do you ever feel as if you aren’t getting enough of what you need? I think as a mother I have felt this way before. When I am feeling this way now, I apply the essential oil Copaiba on my chest while saying “I am satisfied” to help me feel content and at peace with my life.

9. Occasional Resentment

How many times have we all felt resentful toward someone? This bitterness can be a lot to carry. It is like what they say – when you hold on to resentment it is like eating poison and wishing the other person would die! This makes no sense right?! To rid yourself of resentment, apply the essential oil Lemongrass under your right breast on your rib (the hepatic duct) while saying “I am wanted, lovable, and whole” to help you embrace the situation and yourself.

10. Occasional Feeling Worthless

Occasional feelings of unworthiness are particularly toxic. If you feel worthless this is definitely something to work on. Because that feeling is just a state of mind and you are seen as worthy in the eyes of others! To feel that yourself apply Frankincense to your cheeks while saying “I am valuable” to help you feel that approval you need.

This week we will explore more into the above ten essential oils and how they can help balance, elevate and calm emotions. If you have anything specific you would like more information on, let me know.

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