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“Spring Cleaning” In The Middle of Winter

I woke up in the mood to clean today.  And I don’t just mean do the dishes and fold some laundry, but really clean.  Maybe because it was almost 60 degrees in the middle of January and I am already wishing for the sunny days of spring.  Just this same time last week, we had a few inches of snow and ice on the ground and it was cold – really cold. And anyone who knows me, knows I hate cold and snow! Any who, the warmer temps must have kicked in my “spring cleaning” instincts and I wanted to get some of the winter staleness out of the house.

I like cleaning.  It’s very therapeutic for me – both emotionally and physically. Emotionally, the motherly side of me likes to keep the house clean for my family, especially since my son has allergies (and we have two dogs and two birds).  I feel this need to protect them from germs and dirt.  I know it sounds weird and I can’t really explain it, but keeping the house clean = keeping my family healthy and that makes me feel good.  Also, I have a revolving front door with people always coming in and out so I like the house to be, as my mom would say, “presentable.”

On the physical side, it’s really good exercise! Lugging the vacuum up and down the stairs, pushing the broom around, scrubbing counters…you can get a workout!  Also, a good cleaning is great for getting out pent up frustrations!

So today, as soon as my son and husband headed out the door for some flag football action, I turned on iHeart Radio, loaded up the downstairs diffuser with my Get-Up-and-Go blend and started cleaning! Get up and go diffuser blend.png

Using my homemade kitchen soap blend, I cleaned the counters, wiped down the cabinets, scrubbed out the sink and wiped down the stove top.  If you want to know, my simple yet effective kitchen soap blend consist of castile soap, tea tree essential oil and lemon essential oil.

Next, I moved on to sweeping (nothing special there – just my good old fashion broom) and vacuuming.  As we have two dogs and an active 11-year old whose friends are always running in and out of the house, our carpets take a beating.  I literally have to vacuum every day and we steam clean the carpets several times a year.  But, once every few weeks, I like to “freshen” my carpets.  I make a super simple mixture of baking soda and essential oils. Today I used lemon essential oil. I sprinkled it both upstairs and downstairs, waiting 15 minutes then vacuumed. carpet-freshener-clean-mama-1-jpg

While I was waiting on my carpet freshener to work its magic, I loaded up a pan of warm water with my kitchen soap blend and cleaned interior doors and door frames.  It’s crazy how dirty interior doors can get! After a good dusting and several loads of laundry getting hung, folded and put away, I decided all the mattresses needed to be freshened.  So off came all the sheets and I retrieved my handy-dandy mattress freshener.


After the mattress spray dried, fresh sheets went on the beds and then I proceeded to clean the bathrooms, clean up the garage, wipe out the fridge and sweep the front porch. Oh, and I cleaned out all 3 essential oil diffusers.

Finally, 3 hours later, the house was super clean.  I had just enough time to sit down and enjoy the fruits of my labor before the husband and son came bounding through the door. And, you know, the thing that makes me feel really good about all my cleaning? All my cleaning products were DIY and made with natural ingredients and essential oils! No toxic chemicals for this family!



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