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Homemade Body Butter Base

My skin always seems to be dry – whether it is summer or winter. I could be because I take really hot showers (I know – that is really bad, but they feel so good!) Or it could be because I’m getting (gulp) older.  Whatever the reason, I have found the older I have gotten, I need something “more” for my skin.

homemade-whipped-bodyThis wonderfully rich and soothing coconut oil based body butter is awesome! It is such a soothing and healing lotion. Not only does this lotion leave my skin soft and smooth it works wonders at relieving my dry skin and eczema.

Homemade Body Butter Base

Making homemade body butter is really very easy, it is a great gift that you can make for yourself or for friends and family. Are you ready to make your own coconut oil body butter? Here you go…..

Here is what you need:

Here is what you do:

  • Combine all of the ingredients in a mason jar except the essential oils.
  • Place the mason jar in a medium-sized pot filled with water over medium high heat.
  •  Occasionally remove your jar and swoosh or swirl the mixture until all of the ingredients are melted together.
  • Once combined remove the mason jar and carefully pour the mixture into a bowl (add essential oils now).
  • This is where my super secret top-secret tip comes in. You can set the bowl aside and let it cool or you can stick the bowl in the freezer or outside if it’s really cold for about 10 -15 minutes, doing this not only lessons your cool time but it drastically reduces the time in which you will need to whip the mixture in order to create the butter consistency. I leave it in the freezer until it looks like it has a semi-solid film on the top.
  • Use a mixer (I use a handheld mixer with the whisk attachment) to whip for about 5-10 minutes until it is fluffy and at your desired consistency.

Place your body butter in the fridge for about 10 minutes to set then place it into storage containers of your choosing. I store my body butter on the other side of the bathroom as the shower because it begins to soften at about 78 degrees. I hope that you and anyone that you gift this soothing body butter enjoy it as much as I do!



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