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Not all essential oils are created equal and here’s why.


My husband knows I love my essential oils, but he doesn’t know much about them – other than he loves using all the products I make at home (and he knows how much I spend on them!)  So, it was so cute when he came home from a local health store last week with a bottle of Frankincense for me. Well, it wasn’t exactly Frankincense, but a blend of Frankincense and 20% grapeseed oil.  My husband was so proud because he got “such a steal” on it! See the bottle says “this blend is already pre-diluted and ready for use” and f I didn’t know anything about essential oils, I would think this was great!

Although, essential oils may seem like the latest trend or even a new fad, they’ve actually been used and highly revered for thousands of years. Remember when the Three Wise Men took Mary and Joseph Frankincense and Myrrh when baby Jesus was born? With that said, they have definitely seen a gain in popularity in recent years and that has created quite the buzz. So, if you’re curious about trying them, but don’t know where to start, hopefully I can be of some help.

The first thing you should know is that not all essential oils are created equal. In fact, there are currently MANY different levels of essential oil quality and purity available, so choosing the right brand can seem overwhelming. There are also so many brands of essential oils and it is hard to tell what is good and what is not so good.  Like my husband’s essential oil buying experience, most health food stores carry some version of essential oils these stores are often where people get their first experience.  However, after buying these essential oils, taking them home and using them, they become easily frustrated when they do not see the expected results after using them.

Here are four things I recommend that you consider when purchasing essential oils:

  1. How do you intend to use essential oils?

Let’s say, you just want to use essential oils for the sole purpose of making your home smell nice and maybe adding a pleasant fragrance to soaps, candles or room sprays, then perhaps good quality essential oils may not be as vital. With that said, many people are unaware that pure, therapeutic grade essential oils can offer countless incredible benefits! However, after researching essential oils, I learned that these little drops of goodness can have a positive impact on our health! So, if you’re working towards better health (and really, who isn’t?!) then high quality, therapeutic grade essential oils are the ONLY way to go!

  1. Don’t be fooled by clever marketing ploys! Not all oils offer the same aromatherapy & therapeutic benefits!

Nowadays, people everywhere are seeking natural solutions and alternative ways to help support their health. Many of those people are experiencing great results with pure essential oils. Unfortunately, essential oils often get lumped together into a general category, without fully understanding that there is a BIG difference in quality, so many people assume that ALL essential oils offer the same amazing benefits. Needless to say, that is definitely not the case whatsoever. Inferior oils (or anything less than pure essential oils) may provide a pleasant scent; however, you will likely be disappointed as they may not produce the desired effects you’re looking for. Reduced quality = reduced benefits. In fact, they may offer little to no therapeutic benefits, but what I found most concerning was that they actually have the potential to be toxic and can even pose a threat to your health. I know for my family health, I’m trying to eliminate synthetic chemicals and AVOID unnecessary toxins in our home, so my goal is to stay away from all that junk! Therefore, I don’t want to risk using oils that could be adulterated, because frankly, that would just defeat the purpose of why I’m using them in the first place. Sadly, labels for essential oils can be misleading as companies do not have to disclose what “fillers” they are using or even how much. Therefore, there is no way to truly know what you’re getting unless you know the company is reputable and their committed to offering only genuine and PURE essential oils.

  1. Does the price seem too good to be true?

As more and more people rant and rave about essential oils, inevitably this has got the attention of many companies and of course they want to be a part of the action too. In fact, you may have noticed essential oils pop up in your grocery store, health food store, big box chain stores and even online, but please know these oils are generally NOT high quality, genuine or pure, so BUYER BEWARE! Believe me, just like my husband thinking he was getting a “great deal” on Frankincense, know that it’s very tempting to go for the cheapest bargains when shopping, but with essential oils that could be risky business! Most of those oils are diluted or adulterated with cheap fillers, synthetic chemicals and very little oil.  More often than not, the old saying “you get what you pay for” really rings true when it comes to essential oils. Unfortunately, most companies are more focused on quantity and not quality. Synthetic products and “fake” knock offs are far cheaper to produce than high quality essential oils. What’s the hidden cost? Well, we truly don’t know what the long term effects of all those unnecessary chemicals are. And just to be completely honest, as it turns out, producing the PUREST essential oils, can be very costly. GENUINE essential oils require a large amount of plant material just to produce a very small amount of oil. So be wary when you see “rock bottom” prices as there is a major flaw in that equation. But, PURE essential oils are highly concentrated and potent, so a little goes a long way!  In fact, it only takes a few drops to reap the benefits, so while I may be initially paying more, I use much less!

  1. Quality & purity matters, so choose a company you can trust!

It really is imperative to take great care in choosing the right essential oils, especially if we want to preserve good health. The constituents (therapeutic properties) in essential oils are very delicate and sensitive, so many things can affect them or compromise the oil quality including…

  • Environmental growing conditions (region, climate, condition of soil, etc)
  • If any pesticides or chemical fertilizers were used
  • How & when the material was harvested
  • The distillation process – Were only low temps and low pressure used to extract the oils?
  • Packaging & storage

I highly advocate learning about any oils you are selecting for yourself and your family.  Do you know the company they are coming from?  Do they offer training on how to safely use their oils?  Do they recommend uses for their oils that are controversial (or dangerous)?  Do you know where the plants come from and how they are cultivated?  Do you know how the oils are extracted and processed?  Do you know where this happens?

100% Pure Essential Oils are 100 xs more potent than the plant itself.  So, these are all important questions to have answered when you are looking to purchase and use your essential oils.

So WHY does all THIS MATTER?

As I’ve stated before, essential oils have many therapeutic properties. I have experienced them first hand, and know how powerful they are. You want to have the absolute best quality product that the market has to offer so that you can receive the maximum benefits of each oil. Quality matters and purity matters. Most essential oils you buy from the store are going to go rancid after a couple months to a couple years. That is because of all the junk in them. Your certified pure essential oils will last a lifetime, and probably many generations beyond. Before you run out and buy essential oils, make sure to do your research and see if it has they have been 3rd party tested.

If you’re not sure about an essential oil company and their process, I encourage you to ask them questions! A reputable company will be proud of their process and should be transparent about answering any questions that you might have.




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